Getting Support to Answer your Question the First Time

We’ve all been there, something has stumpped us or is simply out of our control and we need to contact support.  But how do you ensure that they will fix your problem or give you the correct answer with a bunch of back-and-forth, simple:

  1. When you email support, make sure you use a descriptive title.
    If I had a nickel for every email I’ve seen that simply has the title “Error” or “Help” I wouldn’t need to work anymore.  Make your title concise but descriptive for example: “ColdFusion Form Validation not Working”
    This gives technicians looking through their queues a good idea of what you need help with, giving you a higher chance of getting looked at first.
  2. Include any relevant information about your account (i.e. domain name, account numbers, etc)
    The idea here is to have the technician locate and identify your account as fast as possible.  Again, I’ve had to email a number of customers because I simply cannot locate there account with any of the information provided.
  3. Include as much information in your request as you can.  For example, sending in a DNS update is probably fine if you just put what DNS record and the new value.  But, something where you are getting errors, it helps to have the exact steps that got you to that error.  We do this everyday and have probably seen the same or similar message before and hopefully will be able to fix it fast if we know where to start.
  4. Be honest!  This last one is important, I once had a customer who accedentally ran rm -rf / on his Linux server, but canceled it very quickly when he realized what happend.  He was very upfront about what happened, and consequently, we were able to get things restored within an hour or so.  Whereas, if the customer had been evasive and just said “things are not working” who knows how long it could have taken to determine they deleted 1/4 of their file system.

One thought on “Getting Support to Answer your Question the First Time”

  1. This is all assuming you get a good support person on the phone (or email). I have had numerous occasions where I thoughtfully list all of the details surrounding my problem, only to have the support person ignore my information and start into their script. And their script invariably starts with the basic questions that I already answered with the information I provided! Infuriating!

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