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I’ve finally started some design and development for my new application and I’m already getting a little fed up with the number of files. As I mentioned in my last post, I am considering learning some frameworks and Fusebox was my first choice. The main decision for this choice is its large user base and wealth of documentation. While looking for some information on learning Fusebox I came across some nice tutorials and figured I’d share them so you don’t have to do so much Googling.
Overview Tutorials
Introduction to the Fusebox Framework: This article on Adobe DevNet by Kay Smoljak gives a good overview of the basics behind Fusebox; fuses, fuseactions, and circuits.
Fusebox Step by Step: A 20-minute video giving an overview of Fusebox and how to setup an example application
Fusebox 4.1 For Beginners Part 1: This tutorial on easycfm also gives an overview of setting up your first application, parts 2-4 cover fuseactions, plugins, forms, and queries.

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