ColdFusion Won’t Start After Importing a .car

Recently did an upgrade to ColdFusion 9 from ColdFusion 8 for a customer and ran into an issue with ColdFusion failing to restart after I was done importing the .car file I had created.   In the coldfusion-out.log file I was seeing the following entry:

Error: no known VMs. (check for corrupt jvm.cfg file)

Checking out the jvm.config file, I realized that I’d imported the old JVM path that referenced ColdFusion 8 (and no longer existed), updating to the ColdFusion 9 path allowed ColdFusion to start correctly.

5 thoughts on “ColdFusion Won’t Start After Importing a .car”

  1. The documentation says that .car files created from earlier versions of Coldfusion cannot be unpacked by later versions. Were you able to archive in CF 8 and unpack in CF9?

    Thanks for the information – I am looking to do my upgrade to CF9 soon.

  2. @Aaron – yeah the car will import just fine, but will bring some specific paths with it that could result in CF not starting.

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