ColdFusion Administrator Custom Extensions

I recently began playing around with some of the available custom extensions available for the ColdFusion Administrator.  Since I spent awhile searching both Google and RIAForge I figured I’d put together a quick list of the ones I’ve found so far.  This is not meant to be a review post, just informational.  If I missed one, leave a comment and I’ll update the post to include the extension.
Author: John Mason

cfUpdater is a free and open source project and custom extension tool for the ColdFusion Administrator to make handling and managing ColdFusion updates easier. This tool is based on the CF Update manager found in my Merlin Manager project and runs off of the CF RSS feeds I manage. You can alter this to pull from an internal RSS feed if needed. This project also includes an auto updater which emails reports to you of updates it was able to install and others that you will be required to install manually.
CF Admin Searcher
Author: Ray Camden

CF Admin Search is a ColdFusion Administrator extension that provides a quick way to perform ad hoc queries against Solr and Verity collections. Results will include all of the typical data stored in collections, including category and custom fields. jQuery is used to quickly return the results and adds support for toggling the extended results.
CFAdmin Utility Extensions
Author: John Blayter

Some common utilities for the ColdFusion administrator. Things that are hidden or take multiple clicks are just now 2 clicks away.

1. FusionReactor JDBC wrapper

2. Server snapshot that with one click you can email yourself a snapshot of the server and get back to getting the server back up and working. 

3. Clear trusted cache and call the garbage collection
Author: Ray Camden

Here is a problem: You use ColdFusion to generate email. You are testing on your laptop, or other development machine, and the email doesn’t actually go anywhere. To read the mail you need to dig down to ColdFusion’s undelivered mail folder, find the right text file, open it up, and even then what you see is a bit messy.

SpoolMail is the solution. SpoolMail is simply a HotMail/Gmail/etc web based reader for the email in your undelivered folder. Along with reading the mail, you can delete the mail or move it back into the spool. 
Author: Paul Connell

A Coldfusion Administrator Extension that allows adding/viewing/removing of SSL certificates in the Java certificate store from within the Administrator.
IP Ranger
Author: Nathan Mische

IP Ranger is a ColdFusion administrator extension which allows IP ranges to be added to the debugging IP address list. IPv4 IP address ranges may be added using wildcards (192.*.*.*), octect ranges (192.168.1-10.1-120), or a combination of both (192.168.*.1-120). IP Ranger also allows you to verify, delete, and refresh IP address ranges.
Author: Ray Camden

ColdFusion includes the ability to cache files. This adds a huge performance boost on production servers. However, if you want to update a file. you have to clear the entire cache to see your changes reflected. cacheCleaner is a ColdFusion Administrator extension that gives you a simple way to clear files or folders out of the cache.
Author: Webapper

SeeDSN is a web-based administrative utility for use with SeeFusion.  Using SeeDSN, administrators of ColdFusion instances configured with SeeFusion can easily wrap/unwrap datasources with the JDBC wrapper required for reporting query information within SeeFusion.
Author: Mister Dai (Dave)

List of currently active applications.
List of sessions for a selected application.

And more.

Updated: 9 June 2010

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